UnionNet gives you the tools you need to understand the changing needs of your Union. With UnionNet, you'll always have real-time, up-to-date information about your members, contracts, job trends, dues, and other aspects of your Union that you need to make good decisions at the right time. Information when you need it, where you need it.

Manage your Union

  • Membership - Track member data; add, delete and modify records within a manage change control process
  • Dues & Billing - Generate billing statements, accept dues, automate payroll deducations, create deposits
  • Contracts - Track contract wages, fringes, dues and associations with support for overriding agreements
  • Employers - Manage employers and the employer associations with contracts and job sites
  • Job Sites - Manage job sites and their associations with both members and employers; record visits and issues
  • Dispatch - Mange Job Orders, Out of Work and Dispatch Lists; supports Hiring Hall and Referral models
  • Elections - Set the date and eligibility criteria for an election; print mailing labels for eligible voters

Inspect your Union

  • Membership Reports by job classification, job skills, certifications, member status, tenure, demographics, employer, etc.
  • Employer Reports by job classification, job skill, certifications, membership, revenue, business agent, etc.
  • Contract Reports by employer, membership, openings, expiration, status, type, business agent, etc.
  • Job Site Reports by location, employer, membership, visits, business agent, etc.
  • Dispatch Reports by employer, membership, job classification, job skill, certification, etc.
  • Revenue Reports by revenue source, payment type, employer, etc.
  • Issues/Grievance Reports by status, employer, member, job site, etc.

Optimize your Union

  • Empower the Office Manager, the Business Representative, the Director of IT and the Office Staff with a state of the art application web-based application
  • Ease of use promotes cross training and increased efficiencies
  • Business Representatives can proactively plan and manage the full contract life cycle including openings and expirations
  • Business Representatives and Dispatch Agents will be more effective with timely access to member status, qualifications and work history
  • Dramatically simplify the dues collection process using bar coded statements, credit card processing, automated payroll deductions and automatic bank withdrawals – move members to automation!
  • Create a self serve member portal – view member data, join the work list and pay dues
  • Email regular reports as well as timely notification of threshold events to staff
  • Custom connectivity to other Union data systems (i.e. international membership system, pension partner)
  • Data migration services available

Protect your Union and your Data

  • Dispatch policies are prescribed in software and uniform throughout the Union - promotes fairness and equality
  • Transaction history on all changes with date, time and user
  • Administrator establishes access controls to information based on user and job function
  • Eliminate insecure paper documentation
  • Hide Social Security Numbers and other privacy information
  • Secured using SSL with128Bit Encryption (the same standards used in Internet Banking)
  • All data is centralized, secured, stored and backed up within the state of the art Data Center